2020 - 2021 Fellows

garrettGarrett Knappe is an Honors College student majoring in Mathematics and Economics. At Rutgers, Garrett works at the computer labs on Busch campus, currently training towards becoming a supervisor. He also volunteers his time as a tutor for the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program Peer Tutoring, where he tutors in intro-level math and economics courses. For the approaching academic year, Garrett will be a research assistant with the Aresty Research Center, working under Professor Hochman to assess the economic efficacy of bioenergy carbon capture storage technologies. He will also be working as a Learning Assistant for Intermediate Microeconomics, providing extra instruction for students in the class. Garrett is passionate about economics and plans on pursuing his Ph.D. after finishing his undergraduate studies at Rutgers. He hopes to work at the Federal Reserve during his career. In his free time, Garrett enjoys reading and hiking.