LaVee Johnson interposes on the path of intricate arts and the elusive science of people. As an English and Communication Major, social issues and the social structures that allow social injustices guide her research projects. She took an innovative approach utilizing Black Feminist Theory to analyze Solange Knowles’ album, A Seat at the Table. She takes at look at the careful composition of Solange’s video performances to illuminate the underlying messages and approach to the visuals. She Is a thankful recipient of the School of Arts and Sciences Excellence Award, The Julian Breen Memorial Endowed Award, and Student Access & Equity Grant Aid Award. As a scholar of the Paul Robeson Leadership Institute she draws awareness to the reality of the experience of underrepresented, low income, and/or first generation students on campus and nationally. She has interned at Learnivore and FlockU News to give hand on experiences with both of her majors as a marketing intern and contributing writer. LaVee plans to acquire a Master’s of Communication to pursue art, marketing, and justice without barriers. She remains interested in art’s impact on social structures and vice versa. She is a lover of songwriting, visual compositions, and creating in general. Her future is unable to be reduced to one thing. She is a freedom fighter literally and figuratively.