2022 - 2023 Fellows

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Megan Ruskey is a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program majoring in Psychology. Megan first became interested in research during freshman year when her Exposition and Argument essay was accepted into the Undergraduate Research Writing Conference. Since then, she has completed the Writing Theory Internship and began working as a tutor for the writing center. Megan also works as a research assistant for Dr. Nicolas in his social psychology laboratory where she studies spatial agency bias. In her sophomore year, Megan participated in the Institute for Research on Women, which fostered her passion for gender studies and intersectional feminism. Megan's interest in social policy evolved from her experience as a Girl's Leadership Council member at the Alice Paul Institute. Here, she was exposed to various feminist topics, human rights issues, and traveled to the United Nations to speak with other young feminists for International Day of the Girl. She is excited to continue learning about social issues and researching policy as a Gardner Fellow.