• Simon Mendoza

Simon Mendoza is an Honors College junior majoring in Political Science, with a minor in Global Studies. Simon’s primary academic interests are international law, criminal justice, and queer theory. He has previously aided in research for the UPenn Borders and Boundaries Project and the Rutgers Veteran Congress Member Project under Professor Michael Kenwick. The former position involved documenting infrastructure and militarization at international border crossings over time; and the latter focused on compiling data to better understand the demographics of elected officials in the United States. Outside of academia, Simon is involved in networking, community building, and facilitating mutual aid for queer people. The main platforms for this outreach include social media and event spaces. Through the Lloyd C. Gardener Fellowship, Simon hopes to further devote time into researching the unique sociocultural circumstances that affect the queer community. After Rutgers Simon wishes to pursue a post-graduate degree and ultimately work with an NGO to rectify disparities that harm vulnerable populations. In his free time, Simon enjoys nightlife, fitness, and film.