2019 - 2020 Fellows

luke hinrichsLuke Hinrichs (‘21) is a student in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, majoring in Economics and Political Science and minoring in Philosophy. At Rutgers, Luke works as the Opinion Editor for The Daily Targum, the second-oldest independent college newspaper in the country. He represents the voice of the paper through writing the editorial and coordinates a staff of 24 columnists with the goal of inspiring debate and discussion on campus. With a passion for teaching, he also volunteers as a tutor in a local New Brunswick elementary school through Youth Empowerment Services’ A2E program and taught civic education to sophomores in New Brunswick High School as an RU Ready research intern for the Eagleton Institute of Politics. He spent his sophomore year researching the influence of interest groups on policy formation as part of a multi-national project. Throughout his junior year, he will be researching aspects of the criminal justice system in terms of inequality, biases, and Islamophobia. His driving mission is to be an active participant in the allocation and preservation of justice. Luke aspires to be a public servant and advocate in the political and criminal justice system and intends on enrolling in law school following graduation.