Shannon GilbertShannon Gilbert is a student in the SAS Honors Program, majoring in Health Administration and Classics and minoring in Economics. She is a research assistant on the PRACCIS project, which aims to promote better reasoning skills among middle school science students, in the Graduate School of Education. She just returned from an archaeological dig in Italy where she helped to unearth villas from the Roman Republic and Empire. She already misses the gelato. She’s also had the pleasure of traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico through the SAS Honors Program. Her passion for other cultures, has also brought her to Ireland, France, and Anguilla. Through the SAS Honors Program, she is a Senior Honors Ambassador, member of the Student Advisory Board, and Peer Mentor. This Fall, you can find her teaching the “Exploring History” FIGS and sitting next to her grandmother in “Food and Drink in the Ancient World.” She is a recipient of the Rutgers Academic Excellence Award and the Ethel S. Cook Travel Grant. Previously, she served as a Treasurer and then President for Brett Hall through the Rutgers Residence Hall Association. She enjoys keeping Latin alive, traveling, and thinking of a third thing while listing stuff.