2013-2014 Fellows

Kiranjot KaurKiranjot Kaur is majoring in political science and minoring in history. She hopes to one day join the world of politics through civil service. Kiranjot is involved in a variety of clubs on campus including the Rutgers University Debate Union, Cook Apartments Residence Hall Association, and the WRSU radio station. She is fluent in Punjabi and hopes to one day fluently speak Spanish. For now her phrases are limited “hola,” “bueno,” and “gracias.” Over the summer she interned for New Jersey Senator Frank R. Lautenberg. In the fall, Kira was the student coordinator of RU Voting, a division of the Eagleton Institute of Politics’ Youth Political Participation Program. Her responsibilities include encouraging Rutgers students to pay attention to politics, register to vote, and turn out on Election Day. In the spring, Kira will be researching the topic of religion in America, particularly examining the Affordable Care Act and abortion. She will be working with Cynthia Daniels from the Political Science Department.