Research Project

Veronica Bido

Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies
Faculty Advisor: Professor Summer Lindsay

Policy Presentation Theme: War, Development and Sustainable Peace

This paper explores the effectiveness of the sexual violence (SV) and gender-based violence (GBV) frameworks utilized by the international community and civil domestic actors, using comparative qualitative analysis. I find that the focus on sexual violence and gender-based violence solely in conflict settings does not fully address the matter of sexual violence. The issue of sexual violence cannot only be addressed through the isolation of conflict settings but must also be perceived in the society and culture of local communities. Sexual violence and gender-based violence are not issues that only happen in conflict settings, they happen in everyday life, and in different societies and cultures. If we cannot tackle this truth, then we can never fully address this form of violence in conflict settings. This issue extends beyond conflict settings, but this paper focuses solely on conflict settings and aims to determine the policy implications necessary to help better address and resolve sexual violence in conflict settings.