Research Project

Rohit Aita

Major: Genetics
Faculty Advisor: Professor Michael Verzi

Policy Presentation Theme: Sustainability, Health, Well-Being

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic illness of the digestive tract that is characterized by recurrent inflammation. The prevalence of IBD is increasing, especially within Westernized countries, and to date, there is no single identifiable cause nor cure. While treatments can help achieve remission or control with IBD, they often carry many risks and no treatment is guaranteed for long-term control. As of today, genetics is one of the many risk factors of IBD, yet IBD related genetic testing is a largely understudied topic. Genetic testing is an emerging technology that intersects the fields of ethics and genetics. To that end, I investigate the scientific progress and ethical implications of IBD genetic testing by conducting a conceptual literature review on PubMed.