Grace Alt

Majors: French Cultural Studies and Political Science
Faculty Advisor: Professor Naa Oyo Kwate

Policy Presentation Theme: Security and (In)Justice

Gender equality has become an increasingly core part of the international conversation on sustainable societies in the 21st century. Upon an intersectional study of gender, security, and mobility issues, I became increasingly intrigued by the everyday, lived experiences of women in cities. What exactly about a public urban environment makes women feel afraid or uncomfortable, and why are these experiences so different for men? This research is a small piece of the exploration into the aspects that inhibit safety in urban environments when gender is evaluated as a core component. Using Paris as a case study, this project looks at public transportation as a mechanism of accessibility and its influence on gender security. The resulting analysis highlights room for policy change, addressing the key components of spatial environments in metros, busses, and trams that stimulate gender-exclusive fear and restrict women’s mobility.