Gardner Fellow Successes

Summer 2014...

The inaugural cohort of the Gardner Fellows graduated as the Rutgers class of 2014, and they have set off to do impressive things!

  • Kevin Dahaghi is on a Fulbright ETA grant in Macau;
  • Genevieve Campisano is on a Fulbright ETA in Wroclaw, Poland;
  • Rashmi Singh is on a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia;
  • Sabrina Arias is on a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia;
  • Aniket Kesari is attending the UC Berkeley Jurisprudence and Social Policy PhD program;
  • Greg Cui is attending Yale Law School;
  • Evangelia Psarakis is enrolled in the Masters program in the Rutgers Graduate School of Engineering;
  • Sivaram Cheruvu is MSc Politics and Government in the European Union program at the London School of Economics;
  • Michael Nanfara is working in a molecular biology lab at NYU;
  • Gordon Morrisette is working at an analytics firm in Austin, Texas.

We are so proud of all of the Gardner Fellows, and look forward to seeing what they accomplish next! You can read more under their biographies.