2021 - 2022 Fellows

Ayaan MemonAyaan Memon is an Honors College Student majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, with interests in Music and Cognitive Science. Working at 2 labs studying models and clinical cases relevant to neurological disease, he also works as a volunteer tutor at the Learning Center and as the acting president of the Rutgers Cognitive Science Club. An aspiring physician, his foray into politics began in college when he recognized the intimate relationship between healthcare, health policy, and community health in the U.S. As such, he's taken on a new project through the Aresty Research Assistant program evaluating the promotion of preventative healthcare measures in areas within Essex and Passaic counties. He also aims to focus on researching developments in healthcare related policy independently as a writer for the Examiner Pre-Med Journal, an undergraduate student-run initiative at Rutgers that presents developments in health and healthcare to its pre-med community. Ayaan hopes that the Gardner Program teaches him a wealth of new knowledge about politics both related and unrelated to healthcare, allowing him to expand his proficiencies past STEM and into understanding what goes behind sustainable policy.