Program Elements

Students will participate in a seminar, guided research, speakers series, and field trips. They will receive a $1000 scholarship in the fall and funding for research in the spring.



Fall: Multidisciplinary Seminar 

Students will participate in a two-semester program: in the fall, students will enroll in a three-credit inter-disciplinary seminar. Students will participate in discussion with faculty from Oxford and a wide variety of Rutgers departments. Please note: students must take both semesters to receive the fellowship. The special topics seminar will count as an honors seminar for members of the SAS Honors Program. For questions about major or minor credit or distribution requirements, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.View the course syllabus.

Spring: Guided Research

In the spring, students will enroll in a three-credit independent study. Working closely with a faculty member, each student will develop a research paper on an issue of particular interest to the student. Such issues will generally have emerged in seminar discussion during the first semester.  Students will meet periodically to share the results of their research with fellow students and faculty.  There will be a year-end celebration with poster presentations.

Speaker Series

The Fall Seminar Speaker Series encourages networking opportunities with scholars and representatives from public and private sector enterprises. 


Field Trips to United Nations & Washington, D.C.

On Gardner trips, fellows will attend political briefings, conferences, and workshops. On their trip to the United Nations, the Gardner Program arranges for students to meet with UN staff and representatives of NGOs. During the Gardner Program's annual visit Washington, D.C., fellows have the opportunity to meet politicians, journalists, executives, and activists on Capitol Hill, in addition to visiting the White House. Through these opportunities, the Gardner Program helps students create a network for possible internships with NGOs, Capitol Hill, the UN, and other universities.