Alumni Network Leadership, 2021-2022

  • Secretary: Nick Hansen
  • Outreach: Michelle Wong
  • Programs: John Milligan
  • Communications: Veronica Bido

John Milligan

john milliganJohn Milligan graduated from Rutgers in 2020 with a major in political science and a minor in environmental policy, institutions and behavior. He was involved with Students for Environmental Awareness during his four years on campus, becoming the treasurer then later vice president. Most recently, John worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens, administering COVID vaccines and running COVID rapid antigen tests. Currently he hopes to find work in environmental non-profit / governance space. John enjoys reminiscing about good times, consuming an alarming amount of memes / tweets, and soaking in the sun in the great outdoors. He lives outside his small North Jersey hometown with his mother, who appreciates his handiness and height very much.

Fellow Accomplishments

Here are just a few of our Alumni outstanding achievements:

  • Bioethics research fellow at the NIH
  • Fullbright recipient in Macau
  • Fulbright ETA recipient in Wroclaw, Poland
  • Fulbright ETA recipient in Malaysia
  • Doctoral student at UC Berkeley in Jurisprudence and Social Policy
  • Doctoral student at UT Austin in Sociology and Demography
  • Doctoral student in Political Science
  • Doctoral student in Anthropology
  • Lawyer (Yale Law School)
  • Law student (Rutgers)
  • Masters in African Studies (Cambridge University)
  • Masters student in the Rutgers Graduate School of Engineering
  • MSc student Politics and Government in the European Union program at the London School of Economics
  • Molecular biologist
  • High School teacher, North Carolina
  • Teach for America participant
  • Peace Corps Volunteer, Georgia

...And so much more!

We are so proud of all of the Gardner Fellows, and look forward to seeing what they accomplish next! You can read more under their biographies.