About the Fellowship

About the Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program in Leadership & Social Policy

A crowd at a protest in Mexico City and a sign picturing Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program in Leadership & Social Policy will provide Rutgers students with the opportunity for sustained engagement with substantial and challenging issues of the 21st century.  It is a competitive year-long program that gives 12-15 SAS juniors an opportunity to deepen their understanding of major global issues, to develop strong leadership skills, and to take a prominent role in addressing these issues in the coming decades. Program participants will be provided with a $1000 scholarship and research funds. More information about the program can be found here.

Program Requirements

Students will participate in a two-semester program: in the fall, students will enroll in a three-credit seminar. In the spring, students will enroll in a three-credit independent study for which they will write a research paper related to a topic of interest from the fall seminar. Please note: students must take both semesters to receive the fellowship. The special topics seminar will count as an honors seminar for members of the SAS Honors Program. For questions about major or minor credit or distribution requirements, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Application Information

Applications are accepted each spring for participation in the following year's seminar. Applicants to the Lloyd C. Gardner Fellowship Program should be second semester sophomores in the School of Arts and Sciences with excellent academic records. In the first year of the program students from the humanities, social sciences, biological sciences and mathematics participated in the seminar. Gardner Fellows will be selected for participation during the spring semester of their sophomore year, based on recommendations from faculty, a written proposal, and an interview with members of the Faculty Advisory Committee.

Program Origins

John Adams, a graduate of Rutgers College class of 1965, endowed The Lloyd C.  Gardner Fellowship Program in Leadership and Social Policy. The program honors Rutgers Professor Emeritus Lloyd Gardner, who retired as a Board of Governors Professor and the Charles and Mary Beard Professor of History. Professor Gardner still remains active in the Rutgers community through teaching and scholarship. Mr. Adams took Professor Gardner's course in "Recent American History," and remembers him as "one of those professors who instilled in us a lasting intellectual curiosity."